Breaking Out of the Age of Intolerance

And reprioritizing the health of humanity

STOJAN BATIČ — Prometej, Piran, Slovenia

We are at the point where nothing less than an absolute and critical commitment to supporting the health of our humanity will mitigate our ongoing, devastating emotional, physical and environmental climate change.

Sickness in one area of the body, impacts the entire organism. The American systems of health have profoundly affected its citizen’s overall outlook on humanity. This pandemic is a disruptor of massive, ongoing proportions, and yet, during the crucial last twelve months, our witnessing in real time, the US government’s unwillingness to risk even a moment of solidarity in the face of so much loss and change has been truly unconscionable.

Megan Haas is the founder of, a free, equitable, and diverse public platform that is uniting the global community to redefine health.

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